Lars M. Andersson

Mr Andersson has a long record of working with the public sector in Sweden and abroad. After 10 years of experience as the head of finance in two Swedish cities, he initiated the formation of Kommuninvest, the Swedish Local Government Funding Agency, in 1986. Mr Andersson became the agency’s first president and developed its operations until 2001, when he left to take on the responsibility of the public sector with the state-owned Swedish Export Credit Corporation. Since 2007 he is working for Mårten Andersson Productions. Mr Andersson has, during the last 20 years, also worked as an advisor to local authorities in many parts of the world. 

Lars M Andersson is currently member of the Supervisory Board of Agence France Locale and Chair of the Strategy Committee within the agency’s board. He is also advisor to the English Local Government Association in a project with the aim of creating a Municipal Bond Agency. Furthermore, Mr. Andersson is the Chair of Kommuninvest’s Research Fund Committee.

Phone: +46705911789

Email: lars.m.andersson[at]