NLGN research seminar in London

Lars M. Andersson has been invited to deliver a presentation at a research seminar in London on July 14th, organised by the think-tank New Local Government Network. The topic for the seminar is ”Capital Futures: assessing the alternatives – post-PWLB borrowing options for local authorities in the UK”.

As one of the starting point for this discussion, Tom Symons, Senior Researcher at the NLGN, has written a report named ”Localist Capital Finance – the challenges ahead” where he asks the following:

“In addition to understanding the variety of approaches that may be needed, we need to examine what the structures of the debt vehicles that can enable this will look like. How could a Kommuninvest-style vehicle be developed in England and how could it relate to councils and capital debt markets? Similarly, how best can individual local authorities access capital markets independently?“

Link to the event on NLGN’s website



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