LGA yearly conference in Manchester

manchester 1The LGA yearly conference was held in Manchester 2 – 4 July. On the last day of the conference there was a seminar about LGA’s project to create a local government bond agency chaired by Cllr Robert Light, Council Leader of  Kirklees and Deputy Chairman of the LGA . Speakers were Sir Merrick Cockell, LGA Chairman, and Lars M Andersson.

Local authorities create growth. That was the starting point of Lars M. Andersson’s speech. As one example British local authorities are responsible for around 50 % of all public investments in the country. Mr. Andersson then presented the existing agencies in the world, with an emphasis on how the European agencies are structured. Manchester IIHe then made an overview of recent event including the creation of a French local government funding agency. Finally Mr. Andersson encouraged the English local authorities to push on with their project, so that we will soon see a new agency for local finance.

Sir Merrick reiterated his commitment to the project and urged the local authorities to state their interest in created a bond agency. After the seminar Sir Merrick was interviewed by Public Finance. Read the article here.

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