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Update: French mayors push for LGFA

Thierry Fabre at ’Challenges’, the international business magazine by the French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur, published October 23 an article about French local financing [link]. The Association of French Mayors (Association des maires de France – AMF) claim that the situation is urgent and that 4 billion Euros will be missing from local budgets by 2013. The president of AMF, Jacques Pélissard, has together with the head of Association des présidents de communauté urbaine, Gérard Colomb, written to the French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault to express their concern over that the government is not reaching any decision on the proposed LGFA (l’agence de financement des collectivités locales). This is the second time the organizations put pressure on the government, a similar letter was sent in the end of September. This time they have even more signatories, including prominent local socialist politicians. To remedy the most pressing problems French local governments have recently collectively raised 610 million Euros on the markets, but to a rate of 4,3%. It is believed that a LGFA could significantly lower that cost. 

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